A luxury you can afford

Without expensive, meddling middlemen in our midst, we are able to only use the highest quality materials in every single bed part we produce. It’s the only way we can be completely sure that our rigorous standards are upheld, and that the bed you end up with is one that you will be happy with for years to come.

But what does Yark quality look like? Well, we’re glad you asked…

Skilled labour

Buttons on our headboards, for instance, aren’t just placed on the top, but deeply embedded for maximum impact. This is by no means the cheapest way of  producing headboards, but without showrooms and other nonsense to worry about, these are the kinds of details we can make sure we deliver.

No cutting corners

We completely cover each component in the fabric you choose. We don’t only cover the parts of the bed you can see – honestly, we have never understood this level of corner cutting. There is no stitching on the footboard, either, making for one seamless stretch of fabric. It takes a higher degree of skill for us to deliver that, but it’s worth it.

Thoughtful touches

Our ottoman beds are raised, and so everything you choose to store in them never needs to rest on the floor.

We use better quality fabrics, make our headboards deeper and weightier than anyone else at this price point – the list goes on.