x1 Microfibre Pair of Pillows


Microfibre Pair of Pillows


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Getting into bed at night after a long hard day, is probably the best thing in life. Just as your head touches the pillow, you know it’s time to rest. Whether that’s going to sleep, reading a book or just binging TV box sets in bed, you know it’s time to chill out.

The Yark Microfibre pair of pillows are pretty special. After all, we’re all about sky high quality. They’re ultra-soft, have that hotel quality style and you’ll just sink in to them. The microfibre pillows feel like down and are filled with spiral hollow fibres that provide great retention and support. Perfect for when your cuddling your pillow during the night offering support to your head and neck areas.

The microfibre set of pillows also include anti dustmite properties thanks to the microfabric tight fabric weave. So they’re great as your main pillow or even supporting pillows.

-Pair of Microfibre Pillows (2 pillows included)
-Feels like down
-Ultra soft pillows with hotel quality bounce
-Natural anti dustmite properties
-Non allergenic filling
-Medium support retention
-Oh and super cuddly
-Fits any UK sized pillow case
-This product will be delivered separately to your other Yark items. Lead time is several working days

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