Exquisite Craftsmanship, Unparalleled Comfort

Founded in 2017 by two visionary friends, Tom and Marcus, Yarkbeds began as a humble venture in Manchester, born out of a passion for crafting exceptional beds that deliver the ultimate sleep experience. Renowned for their innovative designs, they swiftly earned a sterling reputation that caught the attention of the leading British bed and mattress manufacturer Duke Brothers Ltd.

In a momentous event on the 24th of November 2022, Yarkbeds.com joined the Duke Brothers family through a strategic acquisition. This partnership allowed us to scale our operations and broaden our horizons, bringing our superior quality beds to discerning customers across Europe, courtesy of the extensive network established by Duke Brothers Ltd.

At Yarkbeds, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to using only the finest materials and employing unparalleled craftsmanship in our products. Our exquisite range of reinforced beds is engineered to provide years of restful slumber, while our pièce de résistance, the Hippo mattress collection, is crafted using cutting-edge memory Orthofoam and Orthogel technologies.

In addition to our luxurious mattresses, we offer an elegant selection of bed accessories, including bespoke bed frames and sophisticated headboards, to complete your perfect sleep sanctuary.

As a distinguished member of the Duke Brothers family, Yarkbeds is honoured to contribute to the esteemed British manufacturing industry.

Our dedication to providing our affluent clientele with an unrivalled sleep experience remains steadfast, and our products are accompanied by a generous three or five-year warranty as a testament to our confidence in their enduring quality.

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Yarkbeds, where dreams are cradled in opulence.