Never ever give up on your dream. Otherwise you'll wake up.

Everyone deserves the perfect night sleep which is why we’ve produced two sky high quality mattresses. Yep, you’ve got it. Everyone of our mattresses is produced in our UK factory. Although producing British typically means more expensive, not at Yark. Without those expensive middlemen and high street costs in our way, we’re able to produce snore inducing mattresses in our Yorkshire factory at an affordable price.

Seeing that you’re here, what does our mattress quality look like…

The Pocket Mattress

With 1,000 spring individually packed into a single pocket, the Pocket Mattress will roll and support your movement for a comfortable night's sleep. Each spring works individually to offer maximum comfort and support to create the ultimate nights sleep

Natural and Cashmere Fillings

Our Pocket Mattress contains layers of Natural and Cashmere fillings and a white breathable outer fabric layer. It's not the cheapest or quickest way to produce a pocket mattress but we won't cut corners. It takes our factory more time to produce but at the end of it, we're able to create a better quality mattress.

The breathable outer cover will keep your body cool, making waking up too hard.

Just Sink into It

Get that aaagggghhhhhh feeling with the Memory Foam Mattress. Produced with 20cm of deep layers of high density Reflex and Memory that offers body and sleep support. We use a mix of foams to create the ultimate sleep experience. Topped with a quilted fabric cover that will keep you cool. We'll never really understand those that don't produce mattresses in this way.